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Did You Know?

A MicroStrate™ life cycle analysis conducted by Texas Tech University concluded that a sign made from our material is only 1/4th the carbon footprint of aluminum signage and in many cases out-performs aluminum from a durability perspective.


e-Waste is an ever-growing problem

e-Waste is growing faster than any other type of waste, with an annual volume close to 40 million metric tons globally¹. That's 88,200,000,000 pounds! The projected growth this decade is mind-boggling. A 2010 UN² study reports that the growing amount of e-waste could grow exponentially - as much as 500 times over the coming decade. That adds up to over 44,100,000,000,000 lbs!

Image Microsystems helps solve this problem

We bring new life to idled IT assets by refurbishing and remarketing them. But when electronics must be recycled, our end-to-end solutions coupled with our technology leadership ensures your e-waste is recycled the right way! You can rest assured that your electronics never end up where they shouldn't. Your brand is safe with us because:

  • We maintain a strict zero landfill policy
  • We practice a no overseas dumping policy
  • We conduct Department of Defense 5220.22M compliant multi-pass hard drive data erasure
  • We offer complete on-site destruction
  • We provide open indemnification and certificates of destruction and recycling
  • We are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified
  • We are Responsible Recycling (R2) Certified

MicroStrate™ is better than aluminum!

Tests conducted at Texas Tech confirm MicroStrate™ durability
  • MicroStrate™ can be coated with high intensity prismatic or engineering grade reflective sheeting for STOP signs, NO PARKING signs or any outdoor sign!
  • MicroStrate™ can be printed on directly for use as a quality fine art substrate
  • It can function as a sign core for outdoor signage
  • It can contain Braille for use in ADA signage
  • It is lower cost than aluminum
  • Not as theft prone as aluminum
  • Helps to eliminate e-waste landfilling

TxDOT approved our first MicroStrate™ product in 2010

e-Waste plastic makes up a large percentage of all e-waste!

Plastic accounts for 23% of all e-waste¹. That's over 10 trillion pounds of e-waste plastic. But that plastic is not good for the environment, because it contains UV inhibitors and brominated flame retardants. This makes that plastic virtually non-biodegradable in landfills.

What typically happens to all that e-waste plastic?

  • "Dirty" plastic is generally considered valueless in the downstream recycling supply chain
    • Typically ends up in a landfill
    • Some is actually incinerated
    • A large percentage is exported to developing countries
  • What does this cost us?
    • Environmental costs
    • Landfilling costs
    • Transportation and material handling costs

MicroStrate™ is part of the solution!